Spring Thomas and Julia Bond

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Spring Thomas and Julia Bond

What a hot set of girls here. Free Spring Thomas and the ever so popular, Julia Bond. Spring is the Interracial Teen of the internet. A gorgeous blonde that is as good in bed as she is good looking. Then there is Julia Bond. Just turned 18 and she is a hot one.

In this scene they take on a huge black cock. And the girls nearly have to fight for it. Julia has never had a dick this big and she is very excited about taking it on. And Spring’s love for black cock is in the way of Julia taking all the cock for her self. In this scene there is some insane blowjobs. I mean Spring Thomas teaches Julia Bond how to deep throat a 11″ cock like a pro. Then They move on to the standard sex, not my favorite. But then on to the Anal.

That’s where it gets nuts. At first Julia Bond can’t take it as far as Spring Thomas can. So Spring shows her how. And with some lube and a determined porn star attitude, Julia Bond becomes a champ at anal.

Move on to the money shot. Well, let’s say this, it’s so fucking nuts you need to see it for your self. 2 mouths, one cream filled pussy, and one satisfied black man. You do the math.

So I am sure you will be asking yourself where you can find more of this sort of thing. Well right now there is no free spring thomasand julia bond clips out there yet. But I am sure they will start to surface a little. So as soon as they do, I will be all over them and post them here. So site back, relax and enjoy the image of Julia Bond and Spring Thomas.

Spring Thomas Movies RULE!

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Spring Thomas and Mandingo

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