Spring Rides a Black Dick

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Hey there Spring Thomas fans. We’ve got a really sexy edition of Free Spring Thomas for you today. Today Spring brings her black boy friend BamBam by so she can suck on his giant black cock. BamBam is packing a solid nine inch black cock and like most black guys he’s very strong and powerful. He fucks Spring like she’s never been fucked before.

Spring Thomas takes BamBam’s huge black dick in her little teen pussy and even in her tight little teen ass hole. Spring is so naughty when it comes to black cocks. She even swallows up all of BamBam’s black cum at the end, and damn is there a lot of it. He fills up a condom with his black jizz which Spring eagerly gulps down. And then a little later he blows a giant load of black semen all over Spring’s cute little teen face. That’s the thing about these black guys — they just keep cumming and cumming. It’s like a never ending stream of semen and that’s why Spring loves black guys.

Spring Thomas gets fucked so hard in todays video. BamBam fucks her little teen pussy loose. Not only that but after he’s through wearing out her little pussy he starts fucking her ass. Spring’s ass training just keeps getting more and more intense and today she takes a giant, powerful black cock in her tight little teen asshole. She might be ready to take an even bigger black cock in her teen asshole next time. Spring is definitely on her way to taking a full 12 inches of hard black cock in her little asshole. She’s working hard.

Today Spring has her new black friend BamBam over for some hot black dick fun. Spring takes all nine inches of his throbbing black cock in her tight little pussy and even in her asshole.  BamBam shoots a giant load of black cum and Spring slurps it all up.

Spring and MIA

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Welcome to Spring World everyone! Today on Free Spring Thomas we have some straight up black dick action. But first you lucky Spring fans get to watch Spring Thomas pose in her sexy lingerie. But don’t worry she takes it off pretty fast. And then one of her most favorite black boys of all time, MIA stops by to fill her with a solid 8 inches of black dick.

Spring Thomas gets to indulge in some of her own personal fantasies today. She pretends to be MIA’s secretary. She sits, half naked, at a desk and takes calls for him and fills out paperwork. MIA pretends to be a married businessman and when he see’s Spring at her desk in her skimpy little outfit he just has to get over there and jam his giant black cock into her cute little white pussy.  Spring does it with MIA in a whole bunch of positions and she sucks on his chocolate cock like there’s no tomorrow. Spring is such an eager little black dick sucker. She savors every second of it.

As some of you devoted fans may know Spring Thomas has been going through her ass training for awhile now and MIA is going to help her out with that. He takes a little vibrator and sticks in her tight little teen asshole. Spring loves it. She’s really coming along with her ass training. She gets better and better at it every day. Soon she might even be able to take a 12 inch black cock in her tight little hole.

Spring Thomas has her favorite black boy MIA over for some black dick action.  She sucks his hard black cock and takes it in her tight little teen pussy. MIA fills Spring with all eight inches of his throbbing black cock and then he sprays Spring’s cute little face with a fountain of black cum.

Spring and a Cuckold

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Hello Spring Thomas fans. We’ve got a video today especially for Spring’s Sissies! You know who you are! On todays edition of Free Spring Thomas Spring has over a little white boy. Spring can’t believe how small this cuckold’s dick is. It’s unbelievable. She’s so used to seeing all those huge monster black dicks that a little white dick like this just seems unreal.

It’s a wonder that white boys ever get laid. Anyway, Spring just can’t believe it so she whips out a tape measure to see exactly how small his little white boy dick is. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s a whopping THREE inches. hahah. Spring has a good laugh making fun of this white boys teenie tiny little white dick.

But the embarrassment doesn’t stop there! Oh no! Spring Thomas brings over two very well hung black boys to show this silly ass cuckold how real men fuck. These guys whip out their giant 9 inch black cocks and Spring is so relieved to see a real dick that she immediately drops to her knees and starts sucking on their giant black dicks. Soon Spring is completely naked and getting her tight little teen pussy stretched loose by these black boys monster dark dicks. Spring takes her clothes and makes the white boy put them on adding further to his embarrassment. Oh, silly white boys. Such pussies.

Anyway, Spring goes back to getting her cute white pussy filled with black dick and then she takes two mega loads of black cum all over her chest and tummy. What a mess! Of course, Spring isn’t going to let that white boy just sit there and watch, he’s gotta play a part. And since he’s a pussy ass white boy, you know what that means! He has to clean up those black boy’s mess off of Spring with his tongue! Gross! Is there anything these cuckolds won’t do for Spring?

Spring and Jayma

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Hello Springiacs! It’s time for another edition of Free Spring Thomas, and todays video is exceptionally hot. Spring Thomas has been mixing it up a lot lately. First she was eating out the black pussies of two escorts, then she went back to sucking on some fat black dick. After that Spring was eating black pussy again. She just couldn’t make up her mind. Well, today Spring gets the best of both worlds. Spring gets to eat some pussy and take some black dick. Her pal, and fellow black dick slut, Jayma Reed brings over her new boyfriend who just so happens to be black and supremely well hung.

Spring Thomas was just sitting around her apartment with her white boy when her black dick slut pal Jayma Reed called her up. Jayma just got a new black boyfriend and she really wanted to bring him over and show him off to Spring. Spring was so jealous when they came over. But luckily Jayma was more than willing to share with Spring.

Jayma and Spring take all 12 inches of his monster cock and Spring’s poor little white boy has to sit there and watch while they do it. But of course they aren’t going to let him just sit there like a bump on a log. He needs to make himself useful.  So they order him to eat out their tight little pussies when they aren’t getting stuffed with black cock.

Spring Thomas and Jayma Reed take on 12 inches of dark meat. After getting their little white pussies stretched, Jayma’s boyfriend blasts a giant load of black cum into Jayma’s mouth. Of course, Jayma shares it with Spring. She’s such a great friend, isn’t she?. But there’s still a little left over for someone else too! Ah, silly white boys.

Spring and Derek

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Hello and welcome to Spring World! It’s back to basics on today’s edition of Free Spring Thomas and all you fans know exactly what that means – Spring Thomas is going to be sucking and fucking some huge black cock! Last time we saw Spring in action she was munching on some delicious black pussy. Spring had a wonderful time getting her little white pussy and tight teen asshole eaten out. Well, as great as that was Spring still has the black cock fever and no pussy can replace that. Spring Thomas just loves getting filled with black dick so much that she just can’t be away from it for very long. She loves black pussy too but in the end it just isn’t the same. She needs her pussy stretched by a fat black dick.

Today Spring Thomas invites a black fellah by the name of Derek over. Derek doesn’t have the most impressive black cock Spring Thomas has ever encountered but it’ll do. Spring Thomas is such a black dick slut she just loves taking any and all black cocks. This black fellah Derek has been annoying Spring for a long time now about hooking up with him. So Spring figures she might as well give him a chance. And give him a chance she does.

You can tell how eager Spring has been to get back to taking black dick. The instant he shows up she’s out of her clothes and sucking on his black dick. She sucks on his black cock like it’s going out of style. Then Spring gets on top of Derek and rides his black cock before getting her little teen pussy banged doggy style. Then to top it all of she takes a gigantic load all over her sweet innocent little teen face.

Spring and Sunshine

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It’s time for yet another edition of  Free Spring Thomas starring the one and only world renowned black dick slut, Spring Thomas! And today we’ve got a really hot video for you all you devoted Spring fans. You remember a few posts ago when Spring got to taste some black pussy? Well, ever since then Spring has been craving more black pussy.  It will certainly never replace her obsession with giant black cocks but it’s good to change things up every now and again.

Today Spring gets her fill of black pussy when her friend Sunshine comes over for some hot girl on girl action. Spring Thomas licks Sunshine’s little black pussy and she even eats out her ass. Of course, Sunshine returns the favor and eats out Spring’s cute little white pussy and plays with her tight little teen asshole.

Spring Thomas is looking extra cute today in her adorable little pink lingerie. But Sunshine just can’t wait to get Spring out of those clothes so she can get her fingers in that tight little asshole and eat out that juicy white pussy. Spring is equally eager to strip Sunshine out of her clothes and lick her black pussy.

No black meat this time. It’s time for Spring to eat some black vag! Spring has had black pussy on the mind ever since her last encounter with those two black escorts. Spring has been laying awake at night dreaming of eating out some wet black pussy. Spring got so horny for black pussy tonight she just had to call up her friend Sunshine. Sunsine gets her fingers in Spring’s tight asshole and gets it nice and loose. Sunshine eats out Spring Thomas’ cute little teen pussy and asshole. Damn! These black girls are almost as crazy as the guys!

Spring and Julias

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Hey there Spring Thomas fans we’ve got another raunchy edition of Free Spring Thomas for you today. In the last update we saw Spring getting her little white pussy eaten out by two black female escorts. Well, as much fun as that was Spring has seriously been craving some dark dick and today she get’s to suck a huge black cock. She has one of her black friends Julias come over and he gives her a dose of his 11 inch dark dick. Spring is so relieved to get some black dick in her. She was really craving it. It’s been almost two days since she’s had one. Spring is such a black cock slut she can’t go much longer than a day without taking some black cock.

Spring Thomas is wearing her sexy blue lingerie today but it doesn’t stay on for very long! Spring has been sitting around  her apartment all day anticipating her friend Julias who she’s expecting to arrive at any moment. But Spring is just such a horny little white girl she decides to get a head start by playing with her cute little teen pussy.  Julian walks in on her and they waste no time getting to the fucking. Spring is overjoyed do get Julias’ giant black cock stuffed into her tight little teen pussy.

Spring’s well hung black friend Julias comes over and bangs her tight little teen pussy with his monster black meat. He jams his giant black cock down her throat as far as it will go. She gags a bit but Spring is no amateur and so she happily swallows down all 11 inches of Julian’s monster cock. She gets it doggy-style and then she gets on top and rides his dark meat. Then Spring gets a big sticky load of black cum.

Spring Gets a Lap Dance

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It’s time for another edition of Free Spring Thomas. We’ve got a really sexy video that’s a little different than the usual. Last time we saw Spring Thomas she was taking two huge black cocks in her little pussy at the same time. Well, she’s a little sore so today you fans are going to be treated to something that’s a bit of a departure from the black dick action we’re all used to. Today Spring is going to eat some black pussy.

Spring was relaxing at her apartment, resting her sore pussy. Even though her pussy was sore she still was still feeling really horny. She didn’t know what to do and then finally she decided to call up two black female escorts to come over and give her a lap dance.

The lap dance quickly turns into a lot more as all the girls strip out of their clothes and start eating out each others pussies and assholes. I guess that’s the way it goes when Spring’s around. She’s such a naughty little white girl she just can’t help herself. Spring’s love of the black meat isn’t strictly limited to men. Spring also enjoys eating some black pussy. And these black sluts give Spring plenty of black pussy. They sit on Spring’s cute little teen face. Spring is loving every second of it. She just loves the taste of black pussy.

Today it’s time for something a little different. Spring is taking a rest from the black dick today and so she decides to call up a couple of slutty black escorts for a lap dance. It starts off as a lap dance but things get crazy fast! Before you know it these black bitches are eating out Spring’s beautiful white pussy and tight little teen ass. So hot!

The Double-Vag Maneuver

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Spring Thomas loves her job and she loves her fans. She’s dedicated to the art of taking black dick. And today on Free Spring Thomas she really outdoes herself. Spring is always pushing her tight teen pussy to the limit but today she nearly meets her match. Spring’s li’ pussy may never be the same again.

Spring Thomas has her friends Boz and J over after school. She goes down on them, sure. But then Boz and J take their huge black dicks, which by the way add up to about 25 inches, and stick them into Spring’s little white pussy. AT THE SAME FREAKIN’ TIME! They nearly rip poor lil’ Spring apart. Spring is such a black cock slut though she can’t help but love it.

Spring Thomas is wearing her cute school girl outfit today. She looks so innocent and sweet. But beneath that innocent veil is the mind of a ravenous black dick fiend. Spring may look innocent but she craves black dick and today she gets almost more black dick than her cute teen pussy can handle. Of course, it’s Spring Thomas, so she can handle it. Boz and J perform the “double-vag” maneuver on Spring Thomas and then she takes a big sticky load all over her cute little face.

Spring brings over Boz and J for some after school black dick action. Boz and J give Spring the double-vag treatment today and it almost rips her apart. But Spring is a black dick pro, and despite having two giant black dicks up her little white puss at the same time, she has no problem handling it. She is such a black dick slut! Boz and J add up to about 25 inches between the two of them. Spring’s poor little pussy may never be the same!

Me and Sophia

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Spring Thomas has a surprise for all you fans today on Free Spring Thomas. Today she brings over her best friend in the whole wide world Sophia. Spring and Sophia have been best friends since high school and actually Spring is the one who showed Sophia the power of the dark dick. In return Sophia gave Spring some of her initial ass training. These girls have been through a lot together and today you get to see them in action taking their black friend Vicious’ big black cock.

The girls are just hanging out in Spring’s daddies office enjoying each others company when Vicious shows up. Spring’s not supposed to have boys over but Spring does what she wants. And anyway this wouldn’t be the first time Spring has been fucked by a black guy in her daddies office. One time she got caught one the desk with a huge 12 inch black dick right in her little white pussy. Spring’s dad got really mad. But her dad, being a pussy ass white boy, dropped his attitude after a few of Spring’s black friends straightened him out.

Vicious slides his giant black rod into Sophia and Spring’s tight little teen pussies. Sophia and Spring take turns licking each others pussies. Sophia gets fucked viciously from behind while she eats out Spring’s little white pussy. These girls have been fucking together for years and definitely know their way around each others pussies.

Spring’s best friend, and fellow black cock slut, Sophia drops by to help Spring suck some black dick. Their new friend Vicious stops by and fucks both their brains out. Vicious shoots a stream of black seed all over Sophia’s little white tummy. Spring, being the good friend that she is, licks it all up. Then they give each other a sticky kiss!